Workplace Hygiene
is Critical to Safety

The current COVID(NOT)safe Hygience GAP, our third hand.

Smartphones, tablets and other hand held items become our third hand, so why don’t we clean it when we wash our hands?

Our phones can make us sick by transferring germs to our hands, faces, surfaces and everyday items, like food. CleanSlate UV kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria in just 20 seconds.

Keep your site, staff and yourself safe by sanitising phones on entry to the Office.


CleanSlate UV & Your Sites

Simple Design

There’s no training required to use the product, Simply insert devices, close the lid, and wait for the cycle to finish.

Flexible For Any Site

From check-in desks to fitness centres, CleanSlate UV in designed for high traffic areas and can be mounted on a desk or stand accessory.

Fast & Efficient

Everyone will want to sanitise their phones, and CleanSlate UV can handle it. Sanitise 3-4 phones in just 20 seconds.

Touch Free Removal

Touch-free device removal and a reminder to wash hands while devices are sanitised ensures that clean hands touch germ-free devices

Kill Super-bugs

UV-C Light will kill 99.9998% of Superbugs on smartphones without damaging sensitive touchscreens.


How UV-C Can Fit
Into your site

Entrance and Check-in Desk

Don't rely on hand sanitising alone, harmful germs and bacteria can thrive on everyday devices. 

Show staff and visitors you care about their safety as soon as they walk in. CleanSlate UV devices are perfect for high traffic, public facing environments.

Place it next to a hand sanitising station to provide a complete one-stop personal hygiene solution

Events, Conference
and Collaboration Spaces

Providing a clean and safe event space is more important than ever.

CleanSlate UV devices can be mounted on a rolling stand, so you can move them around to fit any event space.

Spa and
Fitness Centres

Staff and visitors are coming to your locations to relax. Give them peace of mind by allowing for hands and devices to be sanitises before entering these premium areas

Staff and Facility

Keeping staff safe helps keep visitors safe. From wireless debit machines to staff mobile phones and other everyday items, CleanSlate UV’s large tray can sanitise a range of different devices’